Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Mississippi Bond Program!! Talk about a GREAT DEAL!!

Man!! Do you wanna hear about the sweetest deal in Mississippi? Well sit back and let me drop a little knowledge on you.

Mississippi has a program called the "Mississippi Bond Program" that actually gives you money for a down payment to buy a house. Now how awesome is that? They will actually give you 3% of the purchase price, up to $200,000, to use as a down payment to purchase your new home. Now, the even cooler part. It can be used in conjuction with a FHA loan which only requires 3% down payment and they allow you to finance the remaining 97%. Do the math folks!! If they allow you to finance 97% and the bond gives you 3% that equals 100%. That's right!! You have to pay exactly 0% to buy a home; aside from any closing costs you are required to pay according to your negotiation with the sellers.

But wait, there's more. The program had a fixed interest rate of 5.78%, but it just got better. They lowered the rate to 5.4%. I'll say that again in case we didn't understand the first time, no offense of course. You get a 5.4% fixed interest rate for 30 years, 3% down payment GRANT given to you and you can finance the remaining balance. Now, I'm no mortgage broker, which I will never claim to be, but I don't know of ANY program that can top that offer, not even VA. Call your local broker and ask them about it, it's one sweet deal. And when you're ready to buy that house call me, Sergeant Real Estate.

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