Thursday, March 22, 2007

Driving 101 for Mississppians!!

Why is it that people in Mississippi just don't seem to understand traffic signals and laws? In short, why can't they drive? I'm sure I'll step on the nerves of a few with this blog but at the same time I'm sure anyone who lives here will agree with me. So without further ado, let me begin my class on how to follow traffic signals, some laws, and just ole plan courtesy to other drivers.

This first part is going to be just a bunch of questions because I don't really have any answers for why people do these things.

Why do people stop at yield signs, but not at stop signs? Why do people slow down when approaching a green light as if they anticipate it may one day turn yellow? Why do they try to merge on the interstate at 35 mph? Why do that not use the merge lanes provided throughout the city? Instead they rather stop and wait for all traffic to stop moving. Why do people stop at blinking caution lights, but not blinking red ones? Since when is it ok for two people to ride side by side on a four lane road at 15mph below the speed limit? By the way, if I'm behind you and you do this, I won't hesitate to use the turning lane to pass you. I think you should get the ticket for impeding traffic, not me for passing illegally. Of course any cop wouldn't agree with me. Show some courtesy to the other drivers and move into the "I like to drive slow lane." Why do people who drive slow speed up when you try to pass them? Chances are I'm going to drive faster than you, let me pass. And why do they speed up and follow you once you do pass them? You wanted to drive slow before, don't try to use me as your blocker. If you do this to me on the interstate, trust me, we will be driving really fast. I won't hesitate to do well over a 100mph to get you to stop following me. And hey, if a cop does clock me, he's going to see you right behind me and pull us both over. It won't be my first speeding ticket, probably not my last either. Why does everyone slow down to 60 mph on I-10 between exit the I-110 and exit 50 for Ocean Springs? Who are these people who do these things? Everyone I talk to about this complains about the same things. How can everyone complain about? Then who is actually doing it?
Now some actual tips.

A blinking caution light means proceed with caution, NOT STOP!!
A blinking red light DOES MEAN STOP!!!
If a light is green do not slow down because you think it may turn yellow sometime today.
If you notice you are driving the same speed as the person next to you and there are people behind you, MOVE INTO THE SLOW LANE!!!
Use merging lanes to MERGE, not stop and look at traffic!!
When you enter an on ramp to get on the interstate, speed up to interstate speeds so you can merge properly, THATS WHY THE ON RAMPS ARE SO LONG!!!
I'm done for now. I'm sure someone will bash me, some will have more to ad. But at least I feel better since I got to vent. Take care.


Jonathan Greene said...

I suggest that we install missile launchers on every car in America. Then, nobody will do anything stupid on the road...

Sergeant Real Estate said...

I agree... or at least EMP devices to disable stupid peoples' car's.