Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Pimp the government, use Section 8 to make YOU money!!

What's that you say? You don't believe you can? I say hogwash!! I do it every month and it works GRRRRRREATTTTT!!!! But everyone said, "avoid these people like the plague!!" But I know what you're thinking, my uncle Jim said "these people will destroy your house and break your wallet." He said " avoid them like the real estate plague, don't do it!!" You probably respond with "yea, you're right. I just need to do something different." And let's face it, he is the real estate expert, I mean, shoot, he owns 8-10..... wait.... no, he doesn't own any real estate investment homes does he? Instead of acting on your "bad" idea, you do nothing, go home, eat dinner and go to bed, wake up tomorrow and go to the same old job you hated yesterday. All because the real estate expert Uncle Jim said not to take a risk. I mean, let's be honest, he know's what he's talking about doesn't he; he's 68 and in 10 yrs, if everything goes according to his paln, he can retire. So ask yourself this; why are you listening to "the expert?"
Do you know?

Now of course Section 8 is nothing but low life people who do nothing but mess up everything, especially real estate, right? Wrong!!! Just like any other tenants in the world, some are good, some are bad. You just have to screen them properly. I have a tenant right now that I wouldn't trade for any other tenant out there. She keeps the house clean, takes care of the place, and pays me (her portion) on time every month. I'll take two more of her if I can find them.
So how do we make money fly out of the governments posterior orfice and into your bank account? It's SO easy. The first step is buying a real estate investment property. Now don't think you can go buy a $300k home and think you can rent it out for $6500 a month and make mad money. Sorry, real estate isn't quit that good, not when you're dealing with single family homes anyway. But what can you expect?
Section 8 bases their numbers off of fair market rent values in the area. So in Pascagoula its around $900-950 mth; Gautier $1050-1100; Ocean Springs $1100-1200. If you buy a real estate investment at a good price, you can put a little change in your pocket every month. The best thing is it's gauranteed money!!
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