Thursday, February 1, 2007

Are Realtors worth the money?

I know many of you ask yourself this question all of the time. Along with many others such as; Why should I pay you, your job isn't that hard?; Why should I pay you 6 or 7 % when other companys will do the same thing for a flat rate?; I need all my profits to buy a new house; along with dozens more. The truth of the matter is we live in the information age now and anyone can find out about just about anything using the internet. Well lets look at this scenario. Can you research brain surgery on the internet? Yes!! Do you feel that makes you qualified to perform one? Of course not. The same goes for selling a house, just because you've read about what has to be done does not mean you can wake up tomorrow and do it; not even if you stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night. Secondly, signs and advertisements don't sell homes, Realtors do!! Of course you have to advertise the home to bring in "potential buyers" but once they are there it's up to you to sell the home to them, and more importantly not drive them away. Do you know how to anticipate what a potential buyers questions may be? Realtors do, it's what we are trained for.

Statistics say that people who sell "For Sale By Owner" really have no idea what the value of their home is and often times sell for 15% less than their home is worth. There are people out there that make a living off this stat, they are called Real Estate Investors. So even when you pay your realtor fees you still make more money. It's simple math folks, 15- 7 = 8% in your pocket.

Will you job let you off anytime of day to show your house? Mine will, in fact doing just that is my job when you hire me, or any other Realtor for that matter.

Flat rate fee organizations (whose name I can not mention but which is very popular) charge a flat fee and do minimum advertising and marketing to make sure you home is sold. Not to mention when they do list your home they do not put it into the MLS ( multiple listing service, one of the most powerful advertising tools) for 3 months. How many buyer's did you miss out on during that three months? How much money did you spend in mortgage payments, insurance, and taxes? ALOT! Your home is kept from the most powerful selling tool, Realtors!! Plus when they do list the home in the MLS they then ask you to pay 3% to the selling broker/Realtor. So now you've paid a Flat Fee, plus 3%, and your home was tied up for 3 months with minimal exposure.

So are Realtors worth it? Every penny!!

If you want to know more please email me. I would love to help you out with any questions.

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Jonathan Greene said...

Nice! Pretty good first few blogs. Now, when you're writing these posts, focus on the keywords that you want to show up in the Goodle searches. Do that, and you're money.

Now, be a good lad and add my link to your links list.

By the way, "A Few Good Links" is genius. I wish I had thought of that.